Pre-Filing Of Bills Yields A Civil Penalty Bill Which Relates To One Of The RLCTX Legislative Priorities
TX Legislation

Tune in to ABC13, KHOU and Univision TONIGHT to hear Luis speak about his ideas for Texas!

Luis LaRotta for Texas HD 148 Leads Protest on Behalf of Homeowners Against Proposed Excessive Taxation by The Harris County Commissioners’ Court Homeowners already irate at Commissioners’ Court for failure to spend Flooding Fee dollars passed in response to Hurricane Harvey to actually mitigate future flooding as evidenced by 9-19 flooding. #LETMEVOTE #larottafortexas

Due to severe flooding in Liberty County and SETX - The RLCTX State Board Meeting that was to be held Saturday will be rescheduled. ...

From Luis LaRotta for Texas HD 148:
I am proud to receive the endorsement of the Harris County Republican Party during last night’s Executive Committee meeting. The amount of support our campaign is receiving proves that we need new and effective leadership for HD148. Thank you everybody for your support.

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